Friday, June 3, 2011

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Difference Between Virgins and Non-virgins

 Two guys are stuck in ocean, and the one(Virgin guy) looks around and sees two islands, the closer island, is inhabited by fat women, but have plenty of food and water, the second island, about 20 times the distance of the first, is full of beautiful virgin women, all of whom have never seen a man, surrounding the second island, are great white sharks, who are waiting for something to eat.

A virgin guy says, the hell with it, i am going to the beautiful women island, and I'm gonna live happily every after...sadly, he is consumed by the sharks.

A non-virgin guy goes to the fat women island, uses the fat women as rafts, and arrives safely to the island full of beautiful women, and fornicates like its goin out of style......

This is a major difference between virgins and non virgins...