Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Oil deposit on an Indian reservation

An Indian reservation, a major oil company discovered a large oil deposit. The only
The problem was that as long as they do not drill for oil, one tribal member  remained on the land. There was only one old Indian land, and his name was chief bowels.

Chief Bowels was proving to be very stubborn about moving off of his tribal lands. The
oil company offered him large sums of cash, stocks, and everything else they could think
of but the only reply he ever gave them was, “Bowels no move!”

Then the lawyers discovered a clause in the treaty that allowed them to move the old
chief off the land and into a rest home if he could no longer take care of himself.
The company sent Chief Bowels to a doctor hoping he could be shown to be an invalid.
The doctor, not knowing the situation, asked the chief what the problem was.

The chief replied, “Bowels no move!”
The doctor gave the chief some laxatives and sent him on his way. The next day the oil
company sent Chief Bowels back to the doctor, hoping for better results. The doctor
again asked the chief what the problem was.

The main answer, "Bowels still inside", so the doctor gave him some more laxatives
and sent him on his way. This cycle continues for about two weeks.

Then one day the chief showed up as usual at the doctor’s office. Again, ask your doctor
What is the problem. The chief replied, “Bowels move. Bowels have to move. Teepee
Full of crap! "