Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Don't try this at home

ok look when i whas a little boy i loved

(pollitos) thats mexican or spanish for

chiks  not girls but little yellow
chikends  i am not sure what to call them

u know the ones that just came out of an egg

ok so 1 day i learned that this chiks besides
if a big chiken sit's on them they can be made

with some mahine that warms eggs and i thought that whas pretty cool

i whas just a little kid and i had no money for a machine like that

and i had no money to buy a chick

but of course i had lots of eggs

so after sqashing a couple on mi butt for 2 hours and nothin

i remembered that machine so i remembered what it suposed to do

so i decided to put the egg on the microwave

those really old microwaves that went clink

like a bell wen they finish

not digital and it whas a huge i mean huge microwave

i had little eggs left so i decided to use just 1

ok so i put it in and set it on 10 min on high

and im watching tru the window the egg spining around and around

1 hing i forgot to mention is that

the microwave whas on top of the refrigirator

and i had to use a chair and stan on mi toes

ok so its almost 7 min and then the egg starts to move

and i whas geting very very ansius or something like that

i had a huge smile on mi face but...
then out of nowhere

the egg exploded like a bomb

and i when like... WTF i almost felt down

and i wanted to cry beacose i thought i killed it

but that whas the least of mi worryes beacose

mi mom went to the corner to buy some tortillas

tortillas are the ones u make tacos and burritos around here

ok so i know im gona get a big woop a**

so i tried to remove the egg but it whas to hot

so i trow in some water and smoke started to come out

and made some sparks i hought it whas going to be flames

so i remembered that baking pouder its used to put out flames but

i didint know what it looked liked so then

since when i whas little i wanted to be a fire man i remembered that peopel roll over

the floor when they are on fire... so i thought dirt puts out fire also

so i went into the yard and got some dirst and i trow it in there also

i was so scared that i decided to just close it and hide on the bath room and close the door but...

then i decided o go watch some black and white tv so i left the door open

when mi mom came back and yelled..

and she see the big mess.. i play
dumb hu.. what?

what hapend here i say..

and she ask if i did that
and i said

wow i think somebody came in and did this

but then i looked so scared that i got
a big woop ass

but it whas worth it beacose 2 months later i got 8 pesos and i bought me a chick

and i realised a chick its not a good house pet

Shi**s all over makes lots of sound all day and all night chip chip chip
non stop more then a baby

they look cute but bealive me u dont want one

and sooner or later they are gona eat it

but that whas not the case here

beacose i did 1 more mistake like i alwais do

i tried to introduce mi lil chick to my cat

i told mi sister to hold the cat good

but unfortunatly she didint

good bye chick i will alwais remember you

i didint eat chiken for 3 years

but now i do.