Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Ebay secret language

Untested - defect

No idea if it works - The part is total scrap

Only worn once seemed hard to believe - I can not really see the part

Is too big for me - Had to finally sort out grandmas old things

Is too small for me - Over the years, one grows out of everything
Rar - Is not it in the mom-and-pop store

Collectible - Messie I collect everything

See Figure (1) Either you see the same flaws or you've just been unlucky - (2) Today I my lazy day, but has nevertheless times
Floor Fund - (1) taken for little money at the last garage sale - (2) Does not by me, the thing that I'm clean

I know it is not - know me too well so from

Used - Can you offer just barely

Ebay charges I assume - but is purely calculated in the cost of packaging

Buyer pays postage - at least!

Retail price was 100 euros - Got it for 50 but by Grabbeltisch

If I fell down during packing - Went off to me but cheap

I've Packed it two weeks ago - Should it go gradually but once the post office

Cleaned after Ebay rule - was badly needed

Here from 1 euro - My buddy's will push already high

Only 3 days - Let's see how fit the ebay control weekend

Fixed price - Every day is a Dummer

Collectible - I can not believe what you so you get into the house of promotional gifts

Only serious bids - I know that is the shit. But let but the newbies a chance to learn what

Happy bidding! - But zag zag, if you please

Brand new and boxed - Fallen from the vice

Guaranteed original - People in Hong Kong are more adept

Not available in stores - in the Bavarian Forest, the Ore Mountains and the Mecklenburg Lake District

Adult Rated 16 - 0190 TV commercial would be sharper

Fun bidder pointless - Work with Russian collection together

Delivery time: 14 days - then I hope I'm on time with ALDI in line before the store opens

Hardware box for hobbyists - Why pay those high fees at recycling yard ...?

Super Crate Mobile Accessories, NEW!, Lots, at least 25 pieces! - 2 dozen mobile phone cases from 1993

1 x worn - was my favorite part, it has not got the body, until it had to be washed but finally

Was always very happy with that part, I have always served well - until it broke

The game is really great! - If you are just switched from C64

The digicam was in all tests performed very well - was as 1 megapixel still top class

Experts know what this device can - Did not stand to look for the technical data

Information to the best knowledge and belief - I know how irresponsible I am

Suitable for decorative purposes - to the thing does nothing, but can stand it's still

Top floors Unique item - does not work, is scruffy, but there are people who are on the strangest things

Siemens S45 OVP - OVP a Siemens S45

Due to bad experiences with bidders fun ... - If one pushes here, then I am!

Was originally intended as a gift - but then I wanted to spoil the friendship

Nostalgic - Painfully look old

Restoration needy - replacing all parts necessary

Small defect - Ten experts have tried in vain to repair the part

1A - This was the primary school, in which I was enrolled

With serial number - man, did it take until I have found on the net

Very small spot goes to washing out safely - with hydrochloric

We love Top / sugary / romantic - If anybody can see pink floret on purple fabric, my little sister has a little something in child size 146, which goes through smoothly but as Standard

Top modern - Hopefully believes me something like a country bumpkin