Monday, July 18, 2011

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Think like a lawyer

The professor of a contract law class asked one of his good students, “If you were to give
someone an orange, how would you go about it?”

The student replied, “Here's an orange.”

The professor was outraged. “No! No! Think like a lawyer!”

The student then replied, “Okay. I would tell him, I hereby give and convey to you all and
singular, my estate and interests, rights, claim, title, claim and advantages of and in, said
orange, together with all its rind, juice, pulp, and seeds, and all rights and advantages
with full power to bite, cut, freeze and otherwise eat, the same, or give the same away
with and without the pulp, juice, rind and seeds, anything herein before or hereinafter or
in any deed, or deeds, instruments of whatever nature or kind whatsoever to the contrary
in anywise notwithstanding...”

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BFL said...

This got me thinking, but I'm not sure I got it.

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