Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Why I smoke so much ...

Everyone ask me why i smoke so much .....

marijuana smoking kid
I was not like this ..........

I was like this
monk kid
Until I saw this girl
cute baby
I liked her so much that i told a lot of truth and lies to her example "u r soooo cute"
kids in diapers
I promised her a lot..
loving kids
I gave her costly gifts on February 14th.. this one...
wedding gift
I gave her a shock like this when she accepted my proposal...
shocked kid
I used to talk whole night and do this at work...
yawning kid
When ever i go out with my girl friend , My friends used to give me this look
nice looking kid
Then I used to give them a pose like this
happy kid
At last my girl friend gave the roses to me like this... and went away
kid with roses
I didn't know what to do , where to go...
…..then i got my precious ...
drunk kid
.......and i started smoking & drinking...
smoking drinking kid