Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Thirty funny reasons why it's wonderful to be a man

Thirty funny reasons why it's wonderful to be a man ...

1. Phone calls only last 30 seconds.

2. For 5-day vacations you need only ONE suitcase.

3. You do not treat the sex life of your friends.

4. The queues at the toilet are 80% shorter.

5. Old friends, it does not matter whether you have increased or decreased.

6. If you are zapping through TV channels, you need not stop when you see someone crying.

7. Your org-as-ms are not faked.

8. You do not need you to hold the rock, if you go up a flight of stairs.

9. You do not go in groups to the toilet.

10. You can shower in the morning and be ready in 10 minutes.

11. During s-e-x, you must not be worried about your reputation.

12. Your underwear costs $ 20 in packs of three.

13. It makes anyone a thing when you're 34 and not married yet.

14. You can 90% of your time after getting in sex thinking.

15. You have three pairs of shoes which is more than enough.

16. You can take off your shirt easy if you feel too hot.

17. You do not clean your apartment every time company comes.

18. Auto mechanic lie to you.

19. You can spend hours watching TV with a friend without saying a word, without thinking, "he's mad at me."

20. You can sit with her ​​legs spread, without thinking about it, what you're wearing now.

21. You get more money for the same work.

22. People look you not in the hole, when you talk with them.

23. You can visit a friend, without him to take a present.

24. You can buy condoms without the seller imagines how well you look naked.

25. P0-rn movies are made ​​for YOU.

26. You that a person is not sympathetic to say, still does not mean that you can imagine not having sex with her.

27. The remote control is yours alone.

28. There is always a TV channel that runs on just sports.

29. You know just a state of mind.

30. You you do not have to shave your legs ...