Friday, October 9, 2009

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Hilarious stuff posted by people

Girl 1: "I just want to let him know I really like him, you know?"
Girl 2: "Well say something like nice to 'I want to feel you in between my thighs' or something."
Girl 1: "Hmmm..."

I walked by a really big guy on a bike the other day. He yelled, "GET OUT OF THE WAY." He was on an exercise bike at the gym.

Girlfriend: "what would you like *wink"
Boyfriend: "Babe, the sexiest thing you could do for me right now is learn to play World of War craft"

My best friends roommates msn status was "My room mate is gone now and I am naked in my living room I feel like a rebel, and kind of cold."

My friend just told me "I rarely wash my hands in public bathrooms because I know the taps are way more dirty than my pen|s."

Today in gym class the teacher yelled "OK everybody, grab your balls!"