Monday, January 21, 2013

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Funny Nasty Sayings

Did you say something or has just simmering water your head?

You have legs like a deer:

Not as thin, but so hairy!

Your mother has only brought it to the world,
so the dog has something to play!

Has anyone ever told you that you look GOOD?
Then lied to you but clean!

You are more fluid than water you're useless!

Go, hide it! Tomorrow is bulky waste!

You probably have one at birth and raised three times
caught only twice ...

Did you get a picture of you?
I'll hang it on the basement door,
see also the rats so that it
and not go into the basement!

I live with many disappointments
but you must also sleep with your ...

Hey, the people at the zoo have so called flat!
Them the thing with the banana sorry they want
you back!

Believe me, no one is perfect!
DU and even more so not!

Imagination is also an education ...

How tall are you?
I did not know,
that you can stack shit so high!

When you came into this world your father has determined
shot the stork!

He: Never listen to me someone ...
Psychiatrist: What did they say?

I am sorry for my little bad english, i hope you enjoyed funny nasty sayings on this humor blog..