Monday, January 7, 2013

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Types of Women in IT classes

If you divide women in IT classes, there would be the following versions available:

The Internet-wife:
You have to pay in order to gain access to her.

The server-woman:
She is always busy when you need her.

The Windows-wife:
You know that she has a lot of mistakes, but you can not live without it.

The PowerPoint woman:
It is ideal to present them to the people celebrating.

Excel's wife:
They could say much, but you use it only for the usual 4
Basic functions.

The Word-wife:
She surprises you again and again and there is no one in the world, that she really understands.

The DOS-wife:
All they had, but no one wants now.

The back-up woman:
You think they would have everything, but when it comes down to you, you notice that there is something missing.

The Scan Disk woman:
We know that they do good, and that she only wants to help, but in the
Basically, no one knows what they really can, and if we are honest
Annoys YOU!

The screen-saver-wife:
She is really good for anything, but you like to look at them.

The Hard Disk woman:
She remembers everything, any time of day.

The e-mail woman:
Of the ten things she says, 9 are absolute nonsense.

The virus-wife:
When you least expect it, it installs in your
Apartment, taking them over. When you try to uninstall you will miss a lot of things, if you do not
do, you lose everything.

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