Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Letter to God for return of dead celebrities

Dear Baby jesus,
How are you? I am fine. My name is Mike and i am 7 years old and i would like to make you a deal for a trade. Last week you made Ed Mc Man die. He was the best comid sideKicK ever. I think you should give him back, and then we can give you Andy Milonak is instead. He has a weird disease anyway, so the people will be none the Wiser. Think about it. You have my email.


P.S.- Seriously, Think about it.

Dear God,
My daddy was rely bad when he found out that Fara Fobet was died. He has a big picture of her nex to the potty. She made my pee pee tickel. Can you please bring her back ad take that old yellow hair man Brigitte Nelson instead ? He is already sick. My daddy say he got a fever from the jungle


Dear Jesus,
Hi, its me. Nathan. Sorry this is my moms paper. Lets get down to business: You made Michael Jackson die. I was gonna do one of his dances in the talent show. and now everybody is gonna do Michale Jackson dances because he died. so thanks a lot for that.
Lucky for you, there is a way you can fix this. Give back Michael Jackson and have Lil Wayne die instead, because Chris Nelson is doing a Lil Wayne song for the talent show and I hate that kid because of that one tie when he kicked me inthe balls in P.E right in front of Sandra Reynolds.

Anyway, give back Michael Jackson and either take Lil wayne or Chrisl Nelson himself.


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Dan said...

those.........weren't very good