Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Zombie apocalypse man

A - My dopey friend at school recons that a zombie Apocalypse man will NEVER EVER HAPPEN. Well saying that, Swine flu just recently hit Mexico being a combination of the three flu's, Whats to say in the future Rabies wont mix with Jakob's Disease or something?

B - I like the debate of HOW the zombie Apocalypse man would start, I personally think it would be a virus like rabies which would spread, Which seems to be the centerpiece of many many zombie films

C - Just to have a fun time Very Happy

Just say something like

" Yes

Because i think it will start like _______ and _____ and bla bla bla _"

I'll keep a tally of the people who Agree it'll happen sometime ( In our lifetime or in the future ) and the people who think it'll never happen.